A Parisian peek
Let me take your pic

Let’s stay far away
From all the clichés

I want to see you authentic
After all who cares if they like it

If they don’t they’re not your crowd
Just be yourself even if you break the mold

Smile like you mean it
Shine and I’ll capture it

You will come to me to get it done
A box to tick on your to do list
Have no fear this is not the dentist
I’ll guide you, we may even have fun while we’re at it

Leave the studio feeling good
A major boost for your ego and mood

I see you and they will too

If you'd like to see me too, watch the video below

From Paris to Montreal, Mexico to Miami,
I almost forgot London and Italy.

Fashion shows to helping businesses grow Telling your story so you can glow.

International Business and Communications during my time at HEC.

I’ll work in advertising and corporate branding.
Wait, I like people a lot, let me move to personal branding.

All these years got my brains racking,
But it’s my heart and eyes that get their heads turning.

In my mind constantly framing
The light, the angles, look here.

Click, you’re in.

Lea Grandvalet

Lea Grandvalet

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